From Shelf to Showcase

Sugar Bear Mall can help you sell your vintage, refurbished, or like new or items with one of our available booths or showcases. All you need to do is price your items and stock your booth while handle the sale.

Sales Events + Advertising

Sugar Bear Mall has three BIG sales events and advertises each event in local papers and in the Antique Shopper, bringing over 80,000 customers through our doors and to your showcase every year.

Payments and Reports

Sugar Bear Mall’s check out allows your customers to pay with cash or card. Want to see how well you did? Sign up to have your sales report sent to your email (added service fee)

Booth Rental Info

When you rent a space at Sugar Bear, you will sign a minimum 4 month lease.

Following the 4 months, you may lease month-to-month.

A 31 day written notice is required to terminate.

With the signing of the lease, you will be required to pay the first and last month’s rent (by cash or check only).

When you terminate your lease, the last month’s rent will pay the final month.

Rent is always paid one month in advance.

Rent (cash or check only) is due/deducted the 1st day of the month.

A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed after the 15th day of the month.

Month end closeout is completed the 1st day of the month.

Deducted from your proceeds is a 10% commission on all sales,

2% credit/debit card fee (when customer pays with a credit/debit card),

and if you wish to participate and receive a nightly email denoting your sales for the day, a $2 fee.

Within 5 business days (Saturday/Sunday excluded), your check (less fees) will be available for pick up at the front desk.

Booth and Showcase Pricing by Size (incl tax):

4 x 4 16 sf      $ 79.43

4 x 8 32 sf      $129.91

6 x 6 36 sf      $153.89

7 x 10 70 sf    $284.20

8 x 6 48 sf      $190.80

8 x 6.5 52 sf   $211.12

8 x 7 56 sf      $227.36

8 x 8 64 sf      $259.86

8 x 8.5 68 sf   $276.10

8 x 10 80 sf    $324.80

Locked & lighted (5 shelves): $104.09

Locked & lighted (single shelf): $ 27.75

Open & lighted (5 shelves): $ 70.46

For more information about renting a booth or showcase, please call 1-904-886-0393.